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Motorised Louvre Doors

An architect living in Noosa wanted a custom built, floor to ceiling glass wall that could also open as a doorway. Monarch Renlita set about designing an elegant solution that would fit the design aesthetic of the rest of the beautiful home, as well as operate as required.

The height of the wall was 4.5m and needed a strong frame to support the weight of the glass. The existing Renlita 1000-3000 aluminium frame, designed to withstand the harshest conditions, was perfect for the job and suited the surrounding architecture.

Monarch Renlita then separated the glass wall into separate louvre panels with framework between them. All panels could then rotate and open up a 1 meter doorway to the outside of the building. Being a custom project, they had to create a mechanism to drive the rotation of each door panel. A slight decline was created in the ground going outside to stop rain water from seeping in underneath the doors.

The original concept of the Architect was to allow light in the building and to open up as a doorway. Another asset of these doors is they can be opened at certain angels depending on the direction of the breeze and angle the doors to maximise airflow.

The client is very happy with the result and these doors proved to be a great solution to the challenge faced. Monarch Renlita also designed, manufactured and installed 10 sets of frameless glass bi-fold doors in other areas of the house which also compliment the style and aesthetic of the property.