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Bondi Penthouse Gull Wing Hydraulic Door

The Architect of this Bondi penthouse project requested doors that matched the unique ‘exterior to roof’ curve of the penthouses with all mechanisms and gutter systems were to be concealed. As no standard product existed, Monarch Renlita were asked to design a  custom door to suit the necessary requirements to match the architectural design.

Challenge number one was the curve itself. The doors are made up of a steel frame and then clad with a single curved piece of glass for maximum light and visibility. But with the extensive experience of the designers and manufacturers within the Monarch Renlita team, they achieved this to perfection.

Second challenge was the hiding of all mechanisms. This door is operated through hydraulics. This means to hide the hydraulics in the wall cavities, they needed to be as short as possible and installed remotely without losing the integrity of the strength and safety of the hydraulic arms. Once again Monarch Renita found a way that it could work and through extensive testing on a prototype, they developed the door with the required concealed mechanisms.

The third and final challenge was concealing the gutter system. This was a particularly difficult task as when the door opens, its unique shape would naturally funnel water inside. Again through ingenious design and extensive testing, Monarch Renlita was able to create a concealed gutter system that functioned correctly.

Now completed, the Gull Wing Hydraulic doors are incredibly popular with residents and have fully satisfied the vision of the Architect. This is a great example of the incredible design and manufacturing capability of Monarch Renlita.