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Architecture and LED Screens

If you get off the train at Chatswood, NSW, make your way out the gates you find yourself in the chatswood interchange. Make your way up the escalators to the podium level and you find yourself in front of a bridge. Cross the bridge and you’ll see one of Monarch Renlita’s incredible Hydraulic Single Leaf doors.

Seemingly floating above the entrance to the Disrtict, the door moulds into the surrounding architecture, welcoming you into the designer food court. Maybe the most striking feature on this door is the giant LED screen spanning the entire length and height of the door spanning 4m wide  by 4.5m high.

The Architects idea included a door that opened completely outward. To allow for the weight of a door this size, not to mention the weight of an LED screen that size, they designed it with the hydraulic cylinders underneath the door, holding the door up from below. Monarch Renlita designed the final specification with the hydraulic cylinders holding the door from above keeping them almost completely out of site.

The final door really does look impressive and creates a very surreal experience as you walk over the bridge under a huge awning displaying brightly lit imagery that ties in with the surrounding interior design.