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Motorised Louvre Doors

An architect living in Noosa wanted a custom built, floor to ceiling glass wall that could also open as a doorway. Monarch Renlita set about designing an elegant solution that would fit the design aesthetic of the rest of the beautiful home, as well as operate as required.

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Award Winning Gull Winged Doors Reminiscent of Mercedes-Benz

The Architect of this Bondi penthouse project knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted a Gull Wing style door that matched the curve of the unique ‘exterior to roof’ of the penthouses and all mechanisms and gutter systems were to be concealed.

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Monarch Renlita – Thinking Outside The Box

The Black Box was the brain child of Architect Tina Tziallas, a sleek, black, futuristic finish making this software design studio look like something out of 2001 a Space Odyssey. With clean lines and perfect functionality, you wouldn’t believe what this building looked like when Monarch Renlita first laid their eyes on it.

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