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Timber Roller Shutter

Security with Style


Monarch Timber Roller Shutters are custom-made from Tasmanian Oak timber in untreated finish to blend in with surrounding architecture. The ideal shutter for small applications – when looks are important.

Reception Desks, Bar Tops, Counter Tops, Doorways.


  • Custom-made from Tasmanian Oak timber in untreated finish so it can be stained and matched to adjacent timbers.
  • Doors are supplied with either timber or aluminium side guides to suit specific requirements.


Machined timber slats with a face depth of 38mm x 16mm thick with specially designed self mating edge profiles to allow rolling and provide a continuous timber appearance.

Side Guides
50mm x 40mm marching timber with 20mm x 20mm rebate for curtain travel or 37mm x 25mm extruded aluminium with schlegal nylofelt buffer for noise reduction and curtain protection.

Two way mortise key lock or sliding shoot bolts.

Bottom Rail
75mm x 16mm timber profile designed to mate with slats fitted with 65mm x 5mm timber cover plate to conceal lock and locking bars. A 40mm x 12mm full radius timber profile is fitted to base to form a “Tee”.

Manufactured from 90mm x 40mm mild steel.

Roller Drum
Manufactured from 165mm or 229mm spiral ducted tube attached to self lubrication drum wheels and bearing rotating on a 34mm steel shaft. The shaft shall be fitted with helical springs designed to counterbalance the curtain throughout its operation. The drum shall be designed to give minimum deflection over the span.

Either two piece aluminium or machined timber to match curtain designed specifically to suit the installation.

Manual sliding operation available depending on size and path complexity.

Stained and/or polished or untreated.


Bundle Diameters for Timber Roller Shutters
Drop 150mm 229mm
900 230 275
1200 245 295
1500 260 295
1800 260 315
2100 275 330
2200 290 330

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Monarch Renlita has a continuous program of product development. Sizes and configurations may change. For up to the minute specifications, please contact us.
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Standard Specifications

Opening Size
2400mm wide x 2400mm high

Designed for manual operation or motorised.

Timber Roller Shutter Security with Style
Monarch Timber Roller Shutters are custom made from the timber of your choice in either polished or untreated finish to blend in with surrounding architecture.