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Security Grille

Setting The Standards in Security


Setting The Standards in Security
Monarch’s aluminium security grilles offer an attractive solution for a plethora of applications that require a secure barrier against theft and debris and where visual access, light infiltration and aesthetics are key design consideration.

Suitable for many commercial applications including: Shopping Centres, Bar Tops, Counter Tops, Shopfronts, Doorways, Bottle Shops, Sports Complexes, Arcades, Clubs.


  •  Monarch’s Security Grilles provide security with unimpeded visibility and airflow. The Security Grille features the popular brick pattern.
  • Constructed from aluminium tubing for full width opening connected with moulded nylon links providing a secure operable curtain.
  • Extruded bottom rail can be fitted with concealed two way lock or lockable shoot bolts.
  • Large openings can be provided with a removable centre of corner mullions.


  • Available in anodised and powdercoated colours.
  • For typical installation details, please refer to IS001.



Constructed of 12.7 aluminium tubes at 50mm centres connected with 110 x 20 x 1 0mm nylon links spaced at 270mm centres (standard) and 220mm centres (security) to form each grilles specific patterns.

Side Guide
50m x 33mm extruded aluminium with false back for concealing fixings. Optional Nylofelt Buffer available.

Centrally mounted, two way Mortice Key Lock or sliding shoot bolt locking mounted within the bottom rail.

Bottom Rail
90mm x 48mm extruded aluminium section incorporating locking device and concealed locking rods and optional PVC Buffer.

Manufactured from 90mm x 40mm mild steel.

Roller Drum
Manufactured from 229mm spiral ducted tube attached to ball bearing drum wheels rotating on a 34mm steel shaft. The shaft shall be fitted with helical springs designed to counterbalance the curtain weight throughout its operation. The drum shall be designed to give minimum deflection over the span.

Specially designed one piece extrusion for straight openings and two piece sections that can be set to any angle and shall be used for wide openings and multiple door installations. Mullions shall be lift out type with shoot bolts to base. Special wide mullions fabricated from aluminium sheet shall be used when two doors meet at an acute angle and no headroom exists for different mounting heights of doors (stacking).

Bundle Diameters for Security Grilles
Drop 150mm Drum 229mm Drum
1200 300 315
1500 310 330
1800 320 350
2100 330 370
2200 340 370
2700 360 370
3000 370 410
3300 390 410
3600 415 410

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Monarch Renlita has a continuous program of product development. Sizes and configurations may change. For up to the minute specifications, please contact us.
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Standard Specifications

Opening Size
Maximum opening size up to 3.6m high x 3.6m wide hand operation.

All doors are counterbalanced per manual operation and motorisation is optional, this is recommended for wide and/or high openings.

Security Grille Setting The Standards in Security
Monarch's aluminium security grilles offer an attractive solution for a plethora of applications that require a secure barrier.