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Renlita Series 2000

Series 2000 Hingeway Doors


The Renlita Hingeway Series 2000 Counterweight Balanced Door is designed for industrial, commercial and domestic applications where minimal internal projection is required.

Renlita Series 2000 counterweight balanced door is a contemporary concept offering luxury, elegance and durability.

Closed or open, this door is brilliantly designed to allow natural light in and when opened, enables for more use of valuable space.

The contemporary design of the Renlita Series 2000 door is sure to complement the architecture of your home or business.


  • Minimal internal projection is required.
  • The doors accept a wide range of cladding and glazing materials and are available in many colours to suit your design brief.
  • When opening, the door folds along a horizontal hinge line and moves upward coming to rest immediately below the lintel.
  • Dimensions of the doors vary according to the application, and each door is individually designed.
  • Mathematical calculations are completed to ensure the door is correctly counterweight balanced.
  • Wind loading can be a critical design factor, especially in cyclone prone areas. Unless otherwise specified the doors are designed to resist a minimum wind loading of 0.5 kPa.

Safety System

Anti-Fall Brake
Monarch Renlita has incorporated a new safety feature to the Counterweight door range. Through innovative design and extensive in-house testing, we have developed and patented the Anti-fall brake. Our Counterweight doors are designed with a safety factor of 6 to 1 and the new Anti-fall brake increases this measure by incorporating a brake mechanism in the event of a cable failure.



Luxury – Elegance – Durability

The frame is constructed from hollow steel sections and designed in accordance with AS1170-1981, AS1250-1981 to withstand wind loading of 0.5kPa in the closed position and provide minimum deflection in the open position.

Suitable where minimal internal projection is required. This door is not recommended for high wind applications.

Cladding (Steel)
Doors can be clad with various sheeting materials. Standard Colourbond profiles are commonly used, however specialised profiles can be used. Please consult the manufacturer on the use of non standard sections.

Cladding (Glass)
Doors can be partially or fully glazed for viewing or showroom display and are glazed in accordance with AS1288. Standard glazing uses 6.38mm laminated safety glass. The use of other glass or glazing material should be referred to the manufacturer due to additional weight, deflection, door design and construction. Glazed doors will generally incorporate a kickplate in the base of the bottom leaf. Door size and weight will determine kickplate height.

Bar Grille
This door is constructed of standard RHS frame covered with 20mm square hollow steel tube welded vertically over the entire door face at approximately 120mm centers.

Other Cladding
Other available cladding commonly used are plywood, mesh, perforated sheet, woven wire and galvanised sheet.

Standard finish on frames and channels is epoxy primed and polyurethane. On glazed doors beading can be anodised or powdercoat finish. Other finishes are available if required, please specify.

By use of internal padbolts unless otherwise specified. Motorised doors will not be fitted with locks.

Counterweight Covers
The counterweights shall be protected and covered with a removable pressed sheet to meet design requirements.


Optional Extras

Escape & Access Doors
Can be incorporated into door design providing bottom leaf height is sufficient. Locking is by a night latch unless otherwise specified. It is recommended that access doors open outward on a Series 2000 door.

Operation by a ramp and carriage designed for smooth opening and closing. The carriage is driven by an overhead shaft connected to a three or single phase drive unit incorporating open and close limit switches.

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Monarch Renlita has a continuous program of product development. Sizes and configurations may change. For up to the minute specifications, please contact us.
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Standard Specifications

Two leaf hinged horizontally, counterbalanced with counterweights under constant suspension. Door movement is controlled by guide roller operating in 60 x 70 x 60 x 3m guide channels.

Maximum height – 6,000mm
Maximum width – 10,000mm

Renlita Series 2000 Series 2000 Hingeway Doors
The Renlita Hingeway Series 2000 Counterweight Balanced Door is designed for industrial / commercial applications where minimum internal projection is desired.