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Hydraulic Single Leaf

Elegant - Versatile - Strong


Our Hydraulic doors introduce new options for greater weight and versatility in the folding door range. Using hydraulics to bare the weight too great to lift manually, this design allows the door to fully project inside or outside the building, giving you more options in the use of space depending on structural requirements. When projected outside by tilting around its pivot point into a horizontal overhead position forms an awning and can be used to open up the façade and bring the outdoors in.

Suitable for any applications including: Shopping Centres, Bar Tops, Counter Tops, Shopfronts, Doorways, Sports Complexes, Arcades, Clubs, Gyms and Restaurants.


  • Opens up the façade to bring the outdoors in.
  • Forms outside awning.
  • Allows for situations where the buildings structure or spatial requirements doesn’t allow for opening inside or outside.


  • Cladding – Options are driven by Architects requirements. Virtually limitless cladding or glazing choices available.
  • Frame – Generally designed with a steel frame with powder coating or polyurethane paint finish.


Door Frame
Constructed from steel RHS frame, sized according to door dimensions and structural loads.

Door is automatically locked by the hydraulic system.

Fabricated from mild steel or stainless steel plate. Designed in accordance with the door size and application.


Cylinders to be controlled by 240 volt or 24 volt(depending on size of door) hydraulic power pack controlling multiple doors as specified. Pump capacity to be sized to allow multiple doors to open and close at a suitable rate. Power pack to incorporate an over centre valve to ensure the door panel has to be driven down and not close under gravitational loads. Power pack normally operated via a spring return to off key switch, the key must have constant pressure applied to maintain door operation and must be located within visible site of the operating door. Other control options available.

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Monarch Renlita has a continuous program of product development. Sizes and configurations may change. For up to the minute specifications, please contact us.
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Standard Specifications

Opening sizes:
16m wide by 5m high (Other sizes possible, please contact us)

Panel operated by hydraulic cylinders on each side of the door panel, stoke length and bore to be designed to carry the load and incorporate a safety factor of 2.

Hydraulic Single Leaf Elegant - Versatile - Strong
Our Hydraulic doors introduce new options for greater weight and versatility in the folding door range.