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Aluminium Renlita Door

All-Aluminium Counterweight


The Renlita all-aluminium counterweight balanced door makes an outstanding statement. A contemporary concept offering luxury, elegance and durability. With no visible welding, the all-aluminium Renlita door offers an exemplary architectural framework. The all-aluminium Renlita door can be produced in either 1000, 2000 or 3000 series.

High-end architectural projects or harsh and corrosive environments. All-aluminium Renlita doors come with stainless steel pulleys and hinges as standard.

The all-aluminium Renlita doorframe is constructed from custom extruded aluminium section, purpose-designed to accept standard glazing. There is no welding on the joints. These are crimped together using triple stakes on corners and purpose made joining spigots to internal members. This provides ideal construction for anodised finishes as there is no discolouration from heat due to welding.


Anti-Fall Brake
Monarch Renlita has incorporated a new safety feature to the Counterweight door range. Through innovative design and extensive in-house testing, we have developed and patented the Anti-fall brake. Our Counterweight doors are designed with a safety factor of 6 to 1 and the new Anti-fall brake increases this measure by incorporating a brake mechanism in the event of a cable failure.


Doors can be supplied in standard anodised or powder coat finishes.

Doors can be partially or fully glazed for viewing or showroom display and are glazed in accordance with AS1288. Standard glazing uses 6.38mm laminated safety glass. The use of other glass or glazing material should be referred to the manufacturer due to additional weight, deflection, door design and construction.

For basic dimensions and clearances please refer to the Monarch / Renlita 1000, 2000 and 3000 specifications.

By use of internal padbolts. Unless otherwise specified, motorised doors will not be fitted with manual locks.

Counterweight Covers:
Counterweights shall be protected and covered with a removable pressed sheet to meet design requirements.

Doors shall be driven by Monarch / Renlita’s exclusive patented dual 24 volt DC motor drives operating the linkage and counterweight. Motors are controlled by custom logic control, designed specifically for this operation. Various options for door operation are available including key switch, radio transmitter and card key. Doors have automatic load sensing if an obstruction is detected.

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Monarch Renlita has a continuous program of product development. Sizes and configurations may change. For up to the minute specifications, please contact us.
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Standard Specifications

Opening sizes:
4500mm wide by 4000mm high. For larger sizes please consult Monarch Renlita.



Aluminium Renlita Door All-Aluminium Counterweight
The Renlita all-aluminium counterweight balanced door makes an outstanding statement.