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Monarch Renlita

Custom Doorway Solutions

Designing and manufacturing doors for architectural, commercial, residential, and industrial solutions.

Renlita Series 3000

Series 3000 – Foldaway Doors

With the capacity to accept a wide variety of sizes, claddings and glazing patterns, they have the potential to radically showcase your building.

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Renlita Series 2000

Series 2000 Hingeway Doors

The Renlita Hingeway Series 2000 Counterweight Balanced Door is designed for industrial / commercial applications where minimum internal projection is desired.

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Hydraulic Single Leaf

Elegant - Versatile - Strong

Our Hydraulic doors introduce new options for greater weight and versatility in the folding door range.

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Frameless Glass

Sophisticated, Elegant Wall of Windows

Monarch's frameless glass door offers excellence in design. The overall look is a sophisticated and elegant wall of windows.

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Latest Projects

Hydraulic Single Leaf Door – Bunker House Gerringong NSW

The Bunker House was a project by FutureFlip is a luxury coastal escape, located in Gerringong on the NSW South Coast (around 90 min drive from Sydney). The site is located behind Werri Beach and enjoys an amazing view. The Bunker House was a very exciting project for ARA Manufacture and presented a unique opportunity for ARA Manufacture with our Monarch Renlita doors to showcase our Monarch Renlita Hydraulic Single Leaf vertical folding door in a high-end residential property.

Hydraulic Folding Doors – Ken Rosewall Arena

About the project The Ken Rosewall Arena project is a complete end-to-end project by ARA Manufacture, and consisted of total design to manufacturing and installation of 24 completely steel framed and glazed, operable hydraulic doors spanning 12m x 3.6m each door. Surrounding the iconic new-look Ken Rosewall Arena, home to the GIANTS Netball Team. The [...]

Porta Nero Door

Porta Nero – Black is the New Black

‘Black is the new black’, thanks to Porta Nero’s bespoke steel-framed doors. Porta Nero , meaning black door in Italian, is the new must-have statement piece for the home, pushing out the white French door as the most popular. These stunning doors are custom designed and manufactured to meet each client’s needs and can be fitted to [...]

On the road to queensland

Drivers hitting the road between Adelaide and Queensland were in for a sight last month as ARA Products transported five oversized hangar doors to an Australian Defence Force facility up north.

Motorised Louvre Doors

An architect living in Noosa wanted a custom built, floor to ceiling glass wall that could also open as a doorway. Monarch Renlita set about designing an elegant solution that would fit the design aesthetic of the rest of the beautiful home, as well as operate as required.

Award Winning Gull Winged Doors Reminiscent of Mercedes-Benz

The Architect of this Bondi penthouse project knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted a Gull Wing style door that matched the curve of the unique ‘exterior to roof’ of the penthouses and all mechanisms and gutter systems were to be concealed.

Architecture and LED Screens

If you get off the train at Chatswood, NSW, make your way out the gates you find yourself in the chatswood interchange. Make your way up the escalators to the podium level and you find yourself in front of a bridge. Cross the bridge and you’ll see one of Monarch Renlita’s incredible Hydraulic Single Leaf doors.

Monarch Renlita – Thinking Outside The Box

The Black Box was the brain child of Architect Tina Tziallas, a sleek, black, futuristic finish making this software design studio look like something out of 2001 a Space Odyssey. With clean lines and perfect functionality, you wouldn’t believe what this building looked like when Monarch Renlita first laid their eyes on it.

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